Sabé Masson Perfumes and Soft Perfumes are created in the heart of Paris, in a spirited Maison de Parfum.

Each delicate, sophisticated fragrance is imagined, fashioned and meticulously perfected. The original skincare formulas combined with luxury perfumes create a new ritual of well-being and perfuming. Sensual, addictive, elegant; this is the art of Sabé Masson Perfumes and Soft Perfumes.

Le Soft Perfume is a nourishing solid perfume in stick form with a natural composition and fragrance from the best perfumeries in France. Beautifully packaged, with a convenient application. Le Soft Perfume is made of natural ingredients without alcohol or parabens, and is ideal for all skin types, even the most sensitive. You will fall in love with the “Caress of Soft Perfume.” A pioneer in the world of solid perfumes, Sabé Masson has become the authority on nourishing, well-being solid fragrances. This is the art of Le Soft Perfume.