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  • Oil Burner


    dark blue with wooden stand.

  • Circulation


    Aginst heavy legs

    Our Circulation mix helps to boost blood circulation. Great to relieve symptoms of leg heaviness, oedema and muscle cramps.

    Herbs: Red Vine Leaf, Nettle, Rosemary, Green Tea

  • Immunity Boost


    Aids in the treatment and prevention of colds and flu, or fever or seasonal allergies.

    Herbs: Echinacea, Peppermint, Marjoram, Thyme

  • Evening


    For a Sound Sleep

    Our Evening mix helps to treat insomnia, anxiety and restlessness to promote a deep and tranquil sleep.

    Herbs: Rosemary, Hawthorn, Marjoram, Lavender Flowers

  • Flat Stomach


    For bloated stomach and indigestion

    Our Flat Stomach mix treats stomach pains and indigestion. It helps to relieve flatulence and flush out fluid retention and toxins for a visibly flatter stomach.

  • Slimming

    For a slim silhouette.

    Our Slimming mix helps to stimulate the digestive and liver functions. It aids to eliminate the symptoms of bloating and flatulence and release fluid retention.

  • Beauty


    Our Beauty mix helps to strengthen hair and preserve your skin’s youthful appearance.

    It also helps: -to protect the cuticles and nails
    -subtly enhances your natural hair color andto strengthen hair and skin

    Green tea: Helps flush out fluid retention.