In the 15th century France, “L’apothicaire” was the ancestor of the pharmacists.

Being herbalists, scientists and alchemists, they created some miraculous remedies for health and beauty concerns.

At L’Apothiquaire, we follow our philosophy of using only the finest, natural and organic ingredients to achieve the finest results for your skincare and beauty needs.

La maison de beauté L’Apothiquaire

Saigon. Set in lush grounds down a leafy lane in district 3, the villa built in 1950s by the architect who built the Reunification Palace, is a magnificent demeure dedicated to spa delight.

Would you enjoy a repairing Skin Care or a Hot Stone Therapy  ?

La Maison de Beauté L’Apothiquaire, will welcome you in one of the twenty one beauty rooms to offer you the personalized treatment you need to restore your wellness and your mind.

Facial and Body Treatments, Finishing Touches, Jacuzzi Soaks, Beauty care and spa, the overall ambience is one of discrete indulgence.

Everything about La Maison de l’Apothiquaire has been designed to make you feel as if you are a million miles away from the hectic pace of city life.